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BlueCava (http://www) Bluecava’s Com, a leading provider of cross-screen marketing solutions, today announced the closing of its second round of funding for $13 million. Top-tier institutional investors S3 Ventures, Performance Edge Partners and Zeitgeist Capital led the round of fuel sales and marketing growth for the company’s innovative new Audience Association platform.

BlueCava is at the forefront in developing solutions that make cross-screen marketing simple, relevant, measurable and privacy-compliant. The market for the company’s products is currently being measured at $16. 9 billion is at the heart of the convergence of Big Data, mobile computing and programmatic purchasing. As smartphones and tablets have become more deeply embedded in the everyday lives of consumers, brands are increasingly expected to engage across multiple screens simultaneously. BlueCava unravels the complexity of large audience networks by identifying mobile devices and linking them to related devices, locations and areas of interest in real-time. With a newly launched platform that now scales billions of transactions a day across more than 100 million cross-screen profiles, the company offers marketers unique capabilities in the areas of sequential targeting and frequency capping.

BlueCava has seen revenues increase by more than 250% over the last 12 months, with continued growth forecast for 2014. During that time, the company added more than a dozen high-end brands and adtech vendors to its partner base, providing the company with a strong baseline of recurring revenue and expansion opportunities. It also expanded its team, adding David Tannenbaum as CTO, Phil Myers as Executive Chairman and Alan Chapell as Privacy Expert to its Advisory Board.

‘This new round of capital will allow us to grow our business at the pace of the market that is opening before us,’ said Phil Myers, Executive Chairman of BlueCava. ‘The company’s focus on creating a scalable platform that serves corporate marketing services through an open approach serves all participants in the adtech value chain. Our pipelines are healthy, and customer demand for ‘cross-screen first’ has increased. We are very pleased that our collective investors have set up this additional round of funding to ensure that we have all the resources needed to successfully build up our business and build customer success. ”

The investment in BlueCava is the second partnership between Myers (a founder and general partner at Performance Edge) and S3 Ventures. The two companies worked collaboratively to develop StoredIQ, an Austin-based provider of Big Data software. The team then financed StoredIQ with $10 million in 2010 and developed a strategy that saw the company triple in size through 2012. This increase led to a successful sale to IBM in 2013.

Founded in 2010, BlueCava has offices in New York City and Irvine, California. For more information on its services and offerings, please visit its social media pages and http://www Bluecava’s Come on,

BlueCava’s mission is to change the way digital advertising is delivered, measured and optimized, acting as a catalyst for cross-screen businesses of all expertise, with a focus on openness and sustainability. Its Privacy-First Audience Association solution connects screens, consumers and households, enables advertisers, publishers and adtech providers to recognize a single audience across all platforms, and discovers new touch points as additional screens are used. With insights into which screens influence and convert, combined with meaningful audience data, participating marketers are armed with actionable metrics that improve user experience, increase conversion and maximize revenue. More information can be found at http://www Bluecava’s Come on,

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