Based in Japan and India. Has led to 1 successful fundraise in Japan. Been working the space of Venture Capital and Private Equity for the last 3 years.

Bluetrain Mobile made its official debut with $1 today. 53 million seed funding, established customer base and web marketing platform for any screen that enables marketers to build brilliant websites, engage customers and drive lead generation. Starting soon with its mobile platform and any-screen responsive website features, Bluetrain gives marketers a new level of power to create engaging web experiences with creative control for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

According to Cisco, global mobile data traffic increased 70 percent last year, and analysts like IDC reported 75 percent growth in the tablet market. 3% year-over-year, along with a widening range of screen sizes and capabilities. Recognizing that marketers need better tools to help them build websites that engage their customers on rapidly expanding mobile devices, Bluetrain offers a sophisticated but easy-to-use platform that helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) build optimized websites for any touch screen.

Unlike expensive customized solutions or traditional web content management software that offer little control over mobile experience or require costly technical resources, the Bluetrain platform is uniquely tailored to small and medium-sized marketers and their agencies who need affordable solutions that support lead generation and customer engagement across multiple devices. The company is currently helping its customers build brilliant mobile sites through its smartphone and tablet platform and intends to roll out enhanced responsive features for any screen, including desktops, throughout the year.

Backed to $1 A total of 53 million in seed funding from a syndicate of investors including Polaris Partners, Atlas Venture, Boston Seed Capital, LaunchCapital and private investors, Bluetrain is led by an experienced management team with deep expertise in web technology, engineering, operations and marketing.

The leadership team includes CEO Steffan Berelowitz, founder of the Bit Group, and award-winning Inc. 500 digital design agencies and Artnet, the leading online fine art marketplace; and Nina McIntyre, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President, previously Chief Marketing Officer at ATG (acquired by Oracle in 2011) and Senior Executive Officer at Authoria, Centive and Lotus/IBM. This investment will boost sales and marketing growth, as well as research and development funding.

“Bluetrain offers an innovative solution and has an exciting vision for emerging mobile content and marketing,” said Dave Barrett, general partner at Polaris Partners. “We are pleased to be part of the Seed Funding Round for this company and look forward to seeing Bluetrain progress through its excellent leadership team. “That’s right.

“Data-driven marketers need to generate leads on any screen,” but existing solutions are complex, time-consuming and labour-intensive,” says CEO Steffan Berelowitz. “Bluetrain’s technology delivers a new generation of responsive websites that work on any screen using a platform that gives marketers unprecedented freedom to deliver targeted content to the right customers when and where they need it most. “That’s right.

With 45 customers already on board, Bluetrain is currently working with organizations across a number of industries, such as the Institute of Contemporary Art, the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University and Just Military Loans. Bluetrain is also a partner of interactive agencies

Bluetrain Mobile

Bluetrain Mobile offers a cloud-based web marketing platform that enables professional marketers and their agencies to build brilliant and engaging mobile websites across a wide range of consumer verticals, including education, financial services, healthcare and cultural institutions/tourism. In contrast to customized solutions or traditional web content management software, Bluetrain’s platform provides full creative freedom while reducing the technical complexity and high costs associated with customized websites to deliver targeted mobile experiences that drive leads. Please visit http://www to learn more about Bluetrain. Bluetrainmobile Mobile Come or follow @BluetrainMobile on Twitter

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