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Blume, the only brand dedicated to the education of young women and the creation of safe and sustainable period products, announced $3. Series 3 million Seed funding round today The round is led by Grace Chou and Victoria Treyger, partners of Felicis Ventures, with the participation of Victress Capital. Other notable investors include Panache & Eric Reis, author of Lean Startup.

Sisters and co-founders Taran and Bunny Ghatrora, first generation Indian women, are committed to empowering young women. The entrepreneurial duo, both 500 Startups Fellows, hopes to foster self-acceptance and trust in a new generation of young women through a combination of safe products and educational content. It is clear that the current puberty and self-care options on the market are not cutting it down, and with this funding, Blume is able to continue to provide women and girls with the tools they need to grow into the best version of themselves.

Capital from this round will be used to accelerate brand growth through product and employee expansion and increased marketing efforts to generate more educational content. Funding means the importance of the mission of the brand to empower young women Round leader, Victoria Treyger, General Partner and Managing Director at Felicis Ventures, is thrilled to lead Blume’s seed round and to support Blume’s mission to re-imagine puberty and personal care for Gen Zs. “We are impressed by Blume’s holistic approach to transforming the category from an expanding range of wellness products to authentic physical and mental health educational content, as well as innovative omnichannel concepts that resonate with teens. Moreover, how Blume taps into its loyal community to co-create new products is something the CPG brands themselves cannot do,” Treyger said.

Suzanne Norris, a partner at Victress Capital, felt that there was a noticeable white space on the $15B personal care market for products that were made for and specifically marketed to Gen Z girls. “Blume is the only brand that is meeting the needs of consumers of Gen Z in this coherent way, both in terms of trade and content, and we believe that the next generation of confident, tenacious and conscious women will develop. We strongly support the mission of Blume and we are honored to be part of their team,” said Norris.

Taran & Bunny Ghatrora, co-founders of Blume, are excited to use this new funding to continue building up the brand-name girls and a supportive community that will help build the next generation of successful, confident and tenacious young women. “We plan to double down on community building and our educational platform. With only 26 states mandating sex ed, and Ontario, Canada, returning to the pre-1993 sex ed curriculum, we believe that there is room for a brand to help girls navigate meaningfully this time, with accurate, factual content presented in a voice and tone that is non-clinical,” said Taran Ghatrora, co-founder and CEO.

At a time when there were less than 2 2% of venture capital goes to women and even less to women of color, Blume is grateful to build this company with strong partners and is committed to a diverse board as the brand continues to grow.

“We are honored to be working alongside amazing investors, many of whom are teenage parents themselves, and to be part of the journey of thousands of parents who have told us that their daughters feel more confident and open up to them in ways they never have!” said Bunny Ghatrora, Co-Founder and COO.

About the flower:

Blume is building a safe space for young women to learn, grow and become their own badasses. A place to celebrate the womanhood and give advice on the good, the bad, and, yes, the ugly that comes with it. We provide reliable, high-quality, beautiful content, education and safe products for your time and just life in general. Most brands carry period products that take centuries to biodegrade and have ingredients that cannot be pronounced. We’re different at Blume We believe in products that are not a threat to our bodies or to the environment We offer a subscription box of only $11 a month and a wide range of life products such as organic tampons and pads, fun treats and comforting remedies for all PMS products. Individual products from $11 to $26 are available at selected locations in Nordstrom and Urban Outfitter and at www. The MeetBlue Come on,

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