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NEW YORK, NY, Mobile Technology Startup bMobilized (http://bMobilized) Com) announced an additional $2 today $5 million in Series A funding from the Norwegian Alliance Venture, Investor and Alden AS, which together invested $1. 5 million at the start-up in New York last April

bMobilized cloud-based do-it-yourself technology platform allows small and medium-sized businesses to instantly convert their websites to customizable HTML5-enabled mobile sites that look and work great on any mobile device, OS or browser. The current technology platform, launched in May, now operates in eight languages and costs only $9/month, including set-up and maintenance.

Both Alliance Venture and Investinor specialize in privately held early-stage technology companies seeking to expand internationally. Alden AS is a well-known and successful Oslo-based venture capital company that invests in a wide range of industry sectors. They are pleased to continue their support of the bMobilized team, given the size and growth of the market, the patented technology of the company and its 400% growth in customers since May.

Additional funding will enable bMobilized to invest in resources to better capitalize on the current market momentum and further develop its end-to-end solution platform to help SMBs better engage mobile customers. This will include the expansion of the overseas market, new features-rich features, an API for large-volume partners and a pure white label solution.

“The confidence shown by these investors in bMobilized is further validation that our technology and unique market position can meet the explosive demand of SMBs to jump on a mobile van,” said bMobilized CEO Ben Seslija. “Our platform makes it easy for businesses to accomplish this once complex and costly task. “That’s right.

The business need for a service like this is clear when one considers that the number of smartphones used worldwide has totalled 1 EUR 03 billion in Q3 2012, an increase of 47% from Q3 2011 This figure is projected to double to 2 billion by 2015, according to research by Five Star Equity. U: U Oh, S In September, smartphone ownership reached 51% (119). 3 million users, up 8% since June, according to ComScore

However, the SMB DigitalScape study of two million small business websites found that 98% of SMBs still do not have sites optimized for dominant mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian.

Developed for more than two years, bMobilized’s patented technology produces a mobile experience that better reflects the graphic look and feel of the original website—with more functionality—than any other mobile conversion technology available today. The Automatic Content Identifier (ACI) contains more than 300 algorithms for analyzing, detecting and converting all parts of a website to a mobile version of HTML5 in less than 30 seconds.

The technology also offers more than 30 individually customizable features to enhance mobile engagement, e. g The g Contact bar, maps, social sharing buttons, home page product promotion window, etc. bMobilized also makes it easy for companies to promote and market their products and services through Google AdWords, QR Codes and in-app ads. The mobile site requires little or no maintenance at all.

About bMobilised
Headquartered at 670 Broadway in New York City, bMobilized (http://bMobilized) Com) is a global leader in DIY mobile conversion websites, offering small and medium-sized enterprises the most advanced, easy-to-use and cost-effective mobile site development tools on the marketplace. The company was founded in 2005 in Oslo, Norway, and moved to New York in 2010, where it currently has 15 full-time employees.

Alliance Venture
Alliance Venture (http://www) Alliance adventure Com) is a venture capital firm that manages venture funds investing in private, early-stage technology companies. Total management funds are 430 MNOK (about $75 million)

In 2001, Alliance Venture was formed by a team of experienced executives with a good balance between operations and business, applied research, entrepreneurial and financial background, enabling efficient investment assessments and active follow-up. This is supported by a network of strategic partners who contribute know-how, deal flow, due diligence, co-investment and partnership to the firm’s portfolio companies.

About the Investor
Investinor is a government-funded investment firm. It invests venture capital in highly competitive and promising Norwegian companies, aiming for international growth and expansion. Investor is managing NOK 3 7 billion (mEuro 460) under the mandate of the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) and investing on the same terms and conditions as private investors, with a clear exit strategy for all investments.

Investinor is one of the largest venture investment companies in Norway, both in terms of manpower and capital under management. Its team has a superior market overview and attracts a high quality dealflow. Investinor’s team is a value-added mix of engineers and business professionals with industrial and entrepreneurial experience.

AS Alden
Alden is a private investment firm based in Oslo, Norway. Investments in a range of asset classes across a wide range of industry sectors Since its inception, Alden has had a strong focus on venture capital investments, which, in addition to providing capital, provide access to the company’s comprehensive resource network. The company often co-invests with a number of leading venture capital firms in the Nordic region.

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