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Chute the platform for brands publishers and developers to leverage real-time visual content today announced that it has closed a 7 million Series A equity round led by Foundry Group with existing investors Freestyle Capital and U S Venture Partners contributing to the round

The Chute platform provides its clients with the ability to better ingest understand manage and leverage real-time visual content Chute’s arsenal of developer tools and media platforms is what ignited Foundry Group’s interest in the company Foundry Managing Director Ryan McIntyre said

At Foundry Group we are deeply interested in companies that provide ˜magic infrastructure for developers that makes it simple for them to deploy complex yet elegant functionality at scale that integrates easily with their new and existing mobile and web apps McIntyre said With over 500 billion photos taken via smartphones in , Chute’s cloud media platform enables brands publishers and developers to participate in the massive visual conversation happening every day ”

In conjunction with its latest round of funding Chute is announcing Chute Ads a first of its kind product that allows brands to inject real-time visual content into digital advertising units Chute is also announcing that Condà Nast Traveler is the first to use Chute Ads real-time and user-generated photo capabilities on cntraveler com Chute and Condà Nast Traveler are enabling brand advertisers to meld paid owned and earned media efforts thereby revolutionizing web ads by making them more interactive personal novel and visual for marketers and consumers alike

Chute Ads provides an innovative tactic for Condà Nast and its brands to give advertisers the ability to also be publishers said Craig Kostelic Advertising Director Digital and Global Head of Digital Sales at Condà Nast Traveler The ads encourage user interaction and provide a more engaging and immersive experience which makes the ads more effective and more attractive to consumers Real-time content means audiences will never see the same ad twice and in-ad calls-to-action ensure engagement and long-term relationships ”

Since its launch in , Chute has seen substantial growth – processing and serving billions of photos for clients like NBC News Turner House of Blues Entertainment Condà Nast the NBA and Saks Fifth Avenue Chute continues to grow as more companies turn to visual content to help tell media-rich stories

The new funds will be used primarily to expand product offerings and scale operations as the company continues to expand the ways in which it is shepherding and powering the visual revolution

We are known for our strength in helping brands and publishers leverage owned and earned visual content By being the first company to complete the loop and help companies leverage owned and earned media in their paid efforts as well we are broadening brands visual storytelling capabilities and helping them drive deeper relationships with audiences said Ranvir Gujral Co-Founder of Chute

About Chute
Chute is a mobile and Web platform that makes it easy to add photo and video functionality to any application or site Chute works with some of the world’s biggest publishers and brands including NBCNews com Turner Condà Nast Saks Fifth Avenue and House of Blues Entertainment combining cloud infrastructure with extensive developer tools to provide instant media infrastructure to new and existing mobile and Web applications SlideChute built on top of the Chute platform makes it easy to collect manage and display user-generated photos across the Web For more information please visit http://www getchute com

About Foundry Group
Foundry Group is a venture capital firm focused on making investments in early-stage information technology Internet and software startups Its third venture fund of m was launched in September 2012 and is managed by four managing directors with over five decades of combined experience in venture capital investing During that time they have invested in over 100 companies as institutional investors and over 50 companies as angel investors Additionally they have over three decades of entrepreneurial experience in founding and working in senior operating roles inside technology startups

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