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Japan Startup Funding round
Aug 24 to Sep 9 

Japan is one of the leading tech-based countries in the world. Its technology and inventions are one of the most advanced. Hence, it has become a home to many tech-based industries.

In this report, we discussed the recent Japan Startup Funding Round. That took place from 24 Aug to 9th of Sept 2020. In addition to this, we also provide an overview of the Industries and startups in which the investments were made. There have been majorly 4 investments in the following period in two major sectors i.e, Biotechnology and Air-Mobility. In this, we cover, particularly four startups, namely BitBiome, BionicM, Medmain, and Skydrive (Air Mobility). Skydrive, the Air Mobility startup from Japan recently made a great progress by successfully carrying out the trails for their new Air Mobililty Vehical, earlier this year. 

Key Insights:

  1. We provide the basic Japanese-Economic Overview as of 2020
  2. Furthermore, there is further information regarding the Biotech and Pharma Industry in Japan as well as the trends that might affect the Biotech Market globally.
  3. It includes the data regarding the startup’s basic nature, its latest investment amount as well as insights regarding investment focus for the given startups 
  4. In addition to this, the following report also takes into consideration the Biotech Sector across the world the latest funding news for the following period 
  5. Coming to Air Mobility, this report covers Global Key factors as well as the current scenario in Japan regarding Air Mobility.
  6. Lastly, it covers other major or key players in Air-Mobility from across the globe

For the full report on Japan Startup Funding round, please click here.

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