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Enov8 solutions limited  has launched a new digitalised visitor management solution known as eVisit to help manage, track and monitor visitors.
About eVisit

eVisit, a cloud-based visitor management solution, helps corporate organizations and residences manage, track and monitor visitors on the premises. eVisit has its operations up and running for businesses and residential estates in Lagos, Nigeria.

Asides from the ability to manage the inflow and outflow of visitors, eVisit verifies visitor’s information and prevents unwanted individuals from gaining access into the premises. Replacing the old and outdated paper and pen registration method, eVisit provides a more digitized and efficient technological system. Consequently, it reduces the visitor’s wait time and contributes to the overall satisfaction of customers visiting. It has helped improve the overall safety and security concerns.


About Enov8 Solutions Limited

A leading IT and Software Company based in Nigeria, Enov8 Solutions offers innovative tech solutions to significant business challenges in all sectors. The company provides top-notch products and services by leveraging technology in its business processes and operations.

Statements from Enov8 Solutions Limited

Richmond Ogigai, the CEO of Enov8 solutions, emphasized the need for companies to adopt eVisit. He said “We started by understanding the need to provide useful information through the regular register that is being used at the gate areas of most organizations. So, we digitized the entry process, ensured that it is cloud-based and easy for employees, users, and residents to do quick bookings in less than 20 seconds”.

Richmond Ogigai, CEO of Enov8 solutions
Richmond Ogigai, CEO of Enov8 solutions
eVisit’s impact on COVID-19

With COVID-19 still spreading, businesses are prioritizing the health and safety of employees and visitors through digital innovations and technology.

eVisit provides a solution to the challenge of tracing people who may have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient. Its features include a traceable and searchable database of visitors on your premises within a particular time and date.

Moreover, eVisit also helps companies conduct important and sensitive screening steps for visitors before they arrive on your premises. It accommodates Tier IV Datacenter entry/certification processes, provides intelligent analytics for Chief Security Officers. Additionally, it ensures employees invite only people who have been registered on the eVisit platform.

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