Webiomed, a startup based in Russia, is focused on developing clinical decision support system to help physicians and healthcare practitioners to make more effective decisions related to patients’ diagnosis. Webiomed raised $1.8M backed by Spartak Zabolotsky and other unnamed investors in July this year.

About Webiomed

Webiomed works in the domain of predictive analytics and patient risk management by providing an in depth analysis of the diagnosis performed upon the patient. This also includes identifying risk factors and potential early signs of any kind of disease and the chances of a patient’s death from it.

The company also offers personal recommendations for doctors and patients on treatments and examinations.The working mechanism of the system is based on various technologies  including machine learning, data analysis on clinical data and predictive analytics tool which allows to analyze historical healthcare data and identify patterns for further research.


With the growing usage of technology in every domain around us, better managed healthcare system which are powered by powerful technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Webiomed products are aiming to shape the next chain of innovation in the healthcare system which will increase the need of a solid technological infrastructure which supports the working of large medical organizations and widespread medical electronic health records. The Webiomed system is the first ever software product using artificial intelligence which has successfully passed technical and clinical trials and has been certified for use in medicine in the Russian Federation. 

Webiomed founders

Future Plans

With the funding the company intends to advance its products and also plan for an expansion in the Russian region and also at the global market.

The investors come with a huge experience in the domain of finance management and also planning the expansion throughout the country and also at the global level. The company has already built a strong scientific component and also comes with an experience in the field of digital health.

The funding provides the company with resources needed to accelerate the whole product at higher levels and to even expand its consumer base to the global markets. Especially in the post pandemic era people will be health conscious to a larger extent, in such a case having an integration of advanced technology in the field of healthcare will cater the needs of the future.




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