Able Jobs is a Y combinator backed startup.

The company aims to build a future of employability. They are changing how companies hire entry-level talent and how students perceive higher education outcomes. Able helps companies get entry-level non-tech deployable talent.

The company helps you hire in fields of sales, support, and marketing. Their process is divided in three steps. First, sign up and post a job opening. Then, they will send you trained and vetted candidates. At last, you can interview the candidates and hire as per your choice.

They claim that their training is a game changer. It makes the hiring process 10X faster with zero upfront costs and a hassle-free process.

Mr. Ravish Agrawal, co-founder at Able Jobs, is an IIT Kanpur alum. Before Able Jobs, he managed Product Marketing at Udacity for the top categories. At Udacity he was primarily responsible for Product & Growth Marketing which included understanding customer needs, devising marketing campaigns, managing paid spends and category growth. Apart from this, he also contributed to finding the right Product-Market fit, working on the product roadmap and optimizing funnel. During college, he built a startup It is a K-12 school discovery and admissions fulfillment platform.

Mr. Siddharth Srivastav, co-founder at Able Jobs, worked at Udacity as well as a Product Manager. He is the co-founder of two other startups as well – Plato and Sworlite. Plato is a chat app for 1-1 career mentoring. Plato helps people get great jobs via mentoring from high achiever mentors. It was funded by Commence Mint and mentored by Y Combinator Startup School. It was launched in India and US for Product Jobs. Sworlite is a search app to connect with interesting people hidden in one’s extended network. It ranked 2nd at Microsoft Imagine Cup.

Swatantra Kumar, co-founder at Able Jobs, is the founder of Studyfolks and co-founder of Two Waits Technologies. At Studyfolks, he developed the technology platform for notes sharing in campus. The platform successfully generated a traction of 1000+ users on the platform with 5K+ pageviews on blogs. At TwoWaits technologies he developed a technology stack (Android & Web) for the food ordering platform that served three cities with monthly 500+ orders.

The one thing common that we see among the co-founders is their entrepreneurial past.

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