Webiomed (also known as K-SkAI), a healthcare startup has received seed-stage funding over $1.8 Mn from Spartak Zabolotsky, an angel investor. The company will use the funding for the technological developments of the product. Webiomed is a system which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognise and analyse the medical data of a patient and predicts risk factors such as possible diseases. Novitsky Roman and Alexander Gusev PhD Webiomed founded in 2018.

The Team

Novitsky Roman is the CEO of the company. Alexander Gusev (PhD in Computer science) is the Chief Business Development Officer of the company. Before finding K-SKAI, he has worked in the medical centre of Kondopoga which was considered the base of the north-western branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. He created the Medical Information System (MIS) Kondopoga which is one of the first large Russian Integrated Information Systems (IIS).

Business Model

The system provides recommendations on the findings which will reduce the medical errors. Webiomed helps in reducing the time for interpreting the data and is completely in compliance with clinical guidelines. The software is to improve the efficiency of work and research for pharmaceutical companies. In addition, Webiomed is useful for Healthcare managers, clinicians, developers, Pharma and Insurance companies. The system works by gathering information, analysing it and finally receiving the results on the screen. In 2018, Webiomed decided to create CDSS (clinical decision support system) to support the healthcare organizers and physicians to make more successful decisions to enhance the quality of patients care. The company has partnered up with him Skolkovo Innovation Center, Medical Prevention Center, Petrozavodsk state university and many more. Finally, in April 2020, Roszdravnadzor (Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare of Russia) registered CDSS as a medical device.

Recently, Webiomed won the AstraZeneca Skolkovo Startup Challenge 2020. As per the ReportsAndData, the Global Healthcare Predictive Analytics market is valued at $2.9 Bn in 2018 and is expected to reach $22.39 Bn by 2026. Webiomed’s different approach towards the analysis of the patient’s medical profile is definitely time saving and helpful for the doctors. Therefore, in the future, the company can help change the medical industry.

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