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A startup needs funds. Entrepreneurs are on the lookout for investors. However, most of them don’t know how to approach one. Remember, the investor is always analyzing every step you take. Moreover, the meeting is the make or break point. 

So, here’s a list of some of the important points to keep in mind while scheduling a meeting with an investor.

Respond instantly and be available immediately.

Remember, the investor you are targeting probably has people swarming around him/her. The investor is not going to wait around for you. Therefore, be instant in your response and availability.

Always email in BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)

This is very important. It’s an easier way to send an email to multiple investors without letting them know who else is receiving the mail. Moreover, by putting an email address in BCC, you are releasing the person from subsequent emails. 


Find out the location of the investors and let them know if you are going to be there soon. If you cannot be near them soon then, propose a phone call. 

ALWAYS propose a specific time.

Give a specific time to the investor. If he/she is not available then, propose another time. Never leave it to the investor to decide. There’s a good chance that the investor might not even remember scheduling a meeting with you because of his/her busy schedule.


There is nothing wrong in having a deadline on financing, especially when you have just met with the investor. Investors prefer honest entrepreneurs. If there’s a deadline on the financing, politely let them know in advance. 

Email Format 

Write less on the email. The investor’s inbox is always full of emails with minimal time to go through them. Attach a copy of your deck. Use an email program like Gmail that generates narrow columns. Try to include one line of good news at the end. You can also start the email with a substantive sentence about a mutual acquaintance or the investor’s portfolio or blog or something else. 

Research the investor

Oftentimes an investor specializes or is interested in a particular sector. Don’t waste your time shooting in the dark.

Be Passionate

Investors may view dozens of presentations per week in some cases, so you need to ensure that your passion for your venture stands out. Investors want to see how much you are dedicated to your organization. The more dedication and passion you show them, the more you turn the odds in your favor.


This research article has been produced by Investocracy, a company focused on connecting startups from emerging markets with Japanese investors.

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