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Apiary, the API Design Platform Company, announced today that it has secured $1. 63 million seed funding under the leadership of Flybridge Capital Partners and Baseline Ventures In addition, Apiary joined Heavybit, the leading developer-focused business community led by Heroku founder James Lindenbaum.

The funding will be used to further Apiary’s leadership in the design of APIs and to expand the engineering division of the company in order to keep up with increasing customer demand. As one of the first companies in the world to focus on API design, Apiary is committed to investing in innovation around its core platform and growing Apiary’s API tooling strategy, which includes API Blueprint, the popular open-source API description format.

‘The stunning growth of the API market has firmly shifted APIs from being a purely specialized domain to large, mainstream usage. This is fueling a substantial market for a much better class of technologies and tools to design, build and manage them,” said Jakub Nesetril, CEO and founder of Apiary.

By 2016, 50% of all B2B collaborations will take place via Web APIs, according to Gartner Research, and it is expected that by 2014 75% of the Fortune 1000 will offer public Web APIs. (1) (a)

Apiary helps developers build beautiful APIs, fast. Developers and businesses use the Apiary API Blueprint language as the fastest way to describe APIs—from prototypes to collaborative design and review processes before costly and time-consuming programming begins. Developers then use Apiary to check that their programming follows the specification correctly, share their APIs with others, and help them quickly use those APIs.

‘What excited us about Apiary is its unique platform approach to the big and growing problem of how to create, document and test APIs,’ said David Aronoff, General Partner, Flybridge Capital Partners. ‘The traction achieved by the company prior to funding has been amazing, growing from 2,000 APIs to more than 17,000 with a world-class list of platform-based organizations. We’re thrilled to work with Apiary as they bring a much-needed solution to a massive market opportunity. ”

‘APIs are fundamentally changing the way software is created, making the need for technology to build and maintain critical APIs. Apiary is one of the few companies to understand the unique challenges of good API design and the Apiary platform is the easiest way for developers to manage the entire API lifecycle,” said James Lindenbaum, founder of Heavybit.

More information on Apiary can be found at Apiary. Oh, Io

About the Aparian

Inc. Apiary Heavybit is a company headquartered in San Francisco with engineering operations in Prague, Czech Republic. Founded by Jakub Nesetril and Jan Moravec, it opened its innovative API design platform to the public at the end of 2012. To date, Apiary has collected over 25.000 APIs, making it the largest collection of APIs in the world. Visit apiary for more information Io or follow @apiaryio on Twitter

About Flybridge Capital Partner

Flybridge Capital Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm whose mission is to help entrepreneurs grow innovative, global companies. With $560 million under management, the company focuses on seed and early-stage investment in technology markets and is led by a team with domain expertise and over half a century of combined venture capital experience. The company has invested in more than 60 companies, including 10gen (MongoDB Company), Brontes Technologies (acquired by 3M), Cartera Commerce, Crashlytics (acquired by Twitter) DataXu, Digital Lumens, Open English, Reveal Imaging (acquired by SAIC) and ZING (acquired by Dell) Visit Flybridges Com or follow us on Twitter at @flybridgecap

Towards Baseline Ventures

Baseline is addressing the gap between individual investors and institutional venture capitalists Since its inception, Baseline has invested in more than 75 companies and has helped more than 25 companies to benefit founders and investors alike. Baseline is proud to be a seed investor associated with the following highly promising companies: Instagram and Parakey (both acquired by Facebook), Heroku, ExactTarget, GoInstant and CoTweet (all acquired by Salesforce). Com) and Crashlytics and GeoAPI (both Twitter-acquired) For more information, please visit the baseline Come on,

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