Based in Japan and India. Has led to 1 successful fundraise in Japan. Been working the space of Venture Capital and Private Equity for the last 3 years.

This round includes investors from Index Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures and Telstra Ventures. AttackIQ will use the new funding to expand its partner, sales and marketing initiatives and build its strategic services and engineering teams.

‘Today cyber security is a hot topic in every discussion in the boardroom. Measuring risk and defensive capabilities, and then linking it to business decisions, is more important than ever,” said Shardul Shah, Partner, Index Ventures. ‘AttackIQ makes it easier for organizations at all levels of their security program to do this with their FireDrill platform. The purpose-built community and the ability to add and integrate seamlessly into the platform is what separates AttackIQ from competition in this emerging market. ”

Since rising out of stealth mode earlier this year, AttackIQ has helped its mid-market and large-scale customers test and measure the effectiveness of their security defenses. The unique community-driven approach of the company helps organizations answer a simple question-How well do your current security tools, products and processes work?-by identifying basic preparedness, overlaps and defense gaps.

‘Security has been a guessing game for too long It’s time to provide continuous assurance to corporate security teams and visibility through objective, data-driven decision-making,” said Stephan Chenette, CEO of AttackIQ. ‘We’ll do this with our disruptive security validation platform, robust community, and extensive integrations. This funding enables us to actively pursue each of these objectives ”

Chenette and Rajesh Sharma, vice president of engineering, founded AttackIQ in 2013 with the strategic objective of disrupting the $75 billion cyber security industry and redefining how security is measured. The co-founders share the view that securing today’s complex enterprises, which often use up to 75 individual safety products, depends on security teams having effective technologies and processes that seamlessly integrate into their workflows.

‘The rise in digital business has increased cyber security risks for companies of all sizes, making risk and security management an increasingly important task,’ said Mark Sherman, Managing Director of Telstra Ventures. ‘The AttackIQ FireDrill platform makes cyber security risk management easier and more cost-effective, enabling companies to continuously test and validate their security infrastructure. ”

Since its inception, AttackIQ has worked with early adopters in the government, social media, telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, biotechnology, and defense industries that have influenced the platform and become paying customers.

About the IQA:
AttackIQ, a leader in the emerging market for continuous security validation, has built the industry’s first platform that gives organizations-from mid-market to large-scale enterprises-the ability to test and measure the effectiveness of their security capabilities. The open FireDrill platform provides insight into how well current security tools, products and processes work. The AttackIQ Community, launched in July 2016, brings together the best minds in the security industry to challenge existing security practices and bring together a more collaborative methodology to validate security decision-making. With its FireDrill platform and its purpose-built community, AttackIQ is changing the security game.

For more information on the AttackIQ and FireDrill platforms, please visit www. Attackiq: Come on, Follow AttackIQs on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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