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Avalon Clones is a Bitcoin mining hardware and computer company that provides Bitcoin mining solutions at the international level. Avalon Clones announced today that it had secured an additional $3 million in the second round of financing. Avalon Clones secured an initial $1 round. $5 million in seed funding earlier this year The initial funding allowed the company to establish itself and to achieve its initial goal of reverse engineering Avalon Batch 1 PCB boards and to begin the system pre-order process. This second round of financing opens doors for faster delivery times and the development of proprietary hardware on both 110nm and 28nm chipsets, with the company working on filling the initial pre-orders.

‘Bitcoin is a triple-entry accounting system where every bitcoin transaction is validated and distributed in real-time through a peer-to-peer bitcoin network,’ Bitcoin says. Organ ‘Bitcoin mining is a mechanism that keeps everyone in the system synchronized. Bitcoin miners perform this work because miners who solve a block earn (1) any transaction fees paid by customers for faster processing of transactions and (2) newly created coins. ”

With bitcoin trading over $100 a coin for most of the year, many miners have become instant millionaires. The gold rush is going on for people who want to buy a computer, plug it in, and make money 24 hours a day.

Initially, Avalon Clones produces the ASIC line of products 100% based on Avalon’s purchase of chips and Avalon’s design. Avalon Clones expects to have much more reliable performance than the rest of its competition, which was essentially financed through pre-orders and lacks significant in-house OEM manufacturing experience.

To learn more about Avalon Clones’ world-leading bitcoin mining hardware or to pre-order your rig, please visit us at http://avalonclones. Com/Com

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