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Inc, Azuqua ( Azuqua Azuqua Com), a cloud connectivity platform, announced today that it has raised $5 million in Series A funding from Ignition Venture Partners. Azuqua allows anyone to quickly and easily create high-value business processes that span multiple cloud services. With this funding, the company will accelerate product development and make strategic hirings.

Key business processes for sales, marketing, support and other functions are increasingly distributed across an ever-expanding portfolio of external cloud services. Azuqua not only enables the creation and execution of business processes across multiple cloud services, but also democratizes process development by making implementation and integration accessible to ordinary business users.

‘The challenge of creating and streamlining business processes is growing with every new cloud service,’ said Nikhil Hasija, co-founder and CEO of Azuqua. ‘The Azuqua platform allows IT and day-to-day business users to integrate multiple cloud services to implement valuable business processes without the need to write any code. ”

With an intuitive web-based visual designer, users can combine a library of powerful features with over 40 mainstream cloud services to quickly build sophisticated business processes that include conditional logic, sentiment analysis and text manipulation. Popular processes include the integration of HubSpot and Salesforce Com to manage and monitor social networks for integration with CRM systems

For example, with Azuqua, a social marketer can automatically route negative sentiment tweets to a proactive customer service support team with a single process. Available for http://azuquasales download Azu, azu Qa/Highly Responsive Social Customer Support, this process identifies negative tweets, creates a Salesforce case. Com, notifys the Customer Service Manager by email, and automatically sends a tweet to the unhappy customer with the support ticket number.

‘The enterprise software and services market is benefiting from tremendous innovation as companies around the world embark on a comprehensive redesign of their applications and infrastructure,’ said John Connors, Managing Partner at Ignition Venture Partners, who joins Azuqua’s board of directors. ‘Azuqua addresses a critical business need with a user-friendly and market-driven solution that will help accelerate this fundamental shift in enterprise computing. ”

Gartner’s cloud services market is projected to be $260 billion in 2016. As companies increasingly adopt SaaS single-purpose services, businesses are challenged to develop processes that cover multiple cloud services. Building these processes can take weeks of work from developers and cost thousands of dollars. With Azuqua, a knowledgeable user can quickly and cost-effectively integrate these services into valuable business processes with ease of drag and drop.

About Azuqua:

Azuqua is a cloud connectivity platform that makes it easy for users to build meaningful business processes across multiple SaaS services without writing any code. Using Azuqua’s intuitive visual designer, customers can combine Excel-like functions and over 40 popular SaaS services to quickly build high-value business processes with drag-and-drop ease. Azuqua is a graduate of the TechStars program based in Seattle. Sign up for a free trial at Azuqua Azuqua Come and follow Azuqua on Twitter.

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