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The round was led by Evolution Ventures as a new investor, alongside the participation of existing investors, including Macy’s, Khosla Ventures, Peak State Ventures and others. Founded in 2015, b8ta was a pioneer in the category known today as Retail-as-a-Service, where brands can access physical retail as easily as they can buy digital advertising, and consumers can discover, try and buy the world’s most innovative products in real life.

Today, b8ta operates the largest business retail footprint in the world To date, B8ta’s retail footprint has seen more than 50 million product commitments and has launched more than 1,000 brands on its platform. By the end of 2019, b8ta will operate 25 flagship locations worldwide, including its first international location in Dubai to open this December, equal to more than 45.000 square feet of experiential retail space, nearly doubling its retail footprint this year. B8ta also more than doubled its store traffic in 2019, with more than three million visitors across its flagships.

“Today, stores serve as story-telling platforms for brands rather than sales channels. Product discovery and sales happen in different locations,” said Vibhu Norby, co-founder and CEO of b8ta. “We are at the very beginning of the age of experiential retail, a post-e-commerce era that will change the way we all shop for decades to come. Our latest round enables us to meet the global demand for our stores and software. “That’s right.

In coordination with its Series C, b8ta announces the launch of Ark and its flagship product, Ark Marketplace, a technology platform to enable retailers and retailers to operate their own Retail-as-a-Service concept. With Ark Marketplace, any retailer or landlord will be able to use the same technology platform found in b8ta stores today to monetize the marketing value of their floor space.

“Ark Marketplace is opening up new consumer experiences, brand alliances and revenue streams,” said David Munczinski, President of Ark, b8ta. “We are thrilled to offer this technology to all retailers and landlords around the world so that they can join the experiential retail revolution. “That’s right.

Over the last four years, b8ta has been developing and perfecting Ark Marketplace’s software across its growing physical retail footprint. Today, the Ark Marketplace powers the 19 flagship locations, the re-imagined Toys”R”U stores in the U. Oh, S , Market @ Macy’s, Forum (b8ta’s new fashion and lifestyle concept) and other retail experience for leading brands, including Google, Nike, Bose and many others.

About to b8ta

Founded in 2015, with offices in San Francisco and New York, b8ta operates the world’s largest experiential retail footprint in which consumers discover, try and buy some of the world’s best and most innovative real-life products. B8ta also pioneered the concept of Retail-as-a-Service, making it possible for brands to access physical retail as easily as they purchase digital advertising, and launched Ark in 2019 to enable retailers and retailers to operate their own physical markets.

Today, b8ta operates 19 flagship stores across the United States. In July 2019, b8ta announced a joint venture with Tru Kids Brands to open and operate redesigned Toys’R’U stores in the U. Oh, S B8ta will launch the new fashion and lifestyle retail concept Forum in Los Angeles in November 2019.

Visit www for more about b8ta. (b8ta) Come on, Visit www to learn more about Ark and Ark Marketplace. The Arch Come on, For more information on the Forum, please visit www Forest Store Come on, Visit www to find a b8ta store near you (b8ta) comm/locations

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