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BayoTec, Inc. , developer of advanced chemical reactors for the distribution of hydrogen and fertilizer production, announced today that $12 has been closed. Series B funding round of 5 million The funds will be used to expand the infrastructure of the company and complete the commercialization of its technology.

“Developing sustainable technologies to feed the world’s growing population is a tremendous business opportunity that requires not only improved production of fertilizers but also improved use of fertilizers. The bayonet technology enables local production that focuses on customized local fertilizer solutions. Technology can change the way we feed the growing population of the planet. Today, we are pleased to announce that, together with our venture capital partners, we have also welcomed one of the world’s largest fertilizer companies as a strategic partner and investor. This partnership and commitment to innovation will help us move BayoTech to the next stage of development,” said Justin Eisenach, President and CEO of BayoTech.

BayoTech’s new strategic partner, a leading player in the global fertilizer market, participated in the Series B financing round, along with the Cottonwood Technology Fund and the Sun Mountain Capital Investors Series A.

David Blivin, Managing Director of the Cottonwood Technology Fund, said, “It is a gratifying achievement to discover an innovation that has been largely overlooked at the pre-demonstration, pre-customer stage, and to help it move forward to the point where customers are excited about the prospects for their business represented by the adoption of technology. BayoTech is based in New Mexico and has the roots of Sandia National Labs. “That’s right.

Blivin continued, “It was Cottonwood’s first investment in the capital of the New Mexico Catalyst Fund and will continue to grow and create jobs in New Mexico. We couldn’t be happier to complete this round of funding and welcome our new strategic partner to the team. “That’s right.

“Sun Mountain is always looking for New Mexico based companies that we believe can compete on the world stage. BayoTech is clearly demonstrating this by adding a major fertilizer company to our group of investors,” said Sally Corning, Partner at Sun Mountain Capital.

About BayoTec, Inc.

Founded in July 2015 by experienced entrepreneurs and industry executives seeking to revolutionize the chemical reactor industry, BayoTech is the world’s first modular, scalable and rapidly deployable platform for the production of hydrogen and nitrogen fertilizers on the agricultural and industrial markets. Please visit www for more information. By Bayotech Us We’re

The Cottonwood Technology Fund:

CTF is a seed and early-stage technology marketing fund with offices in Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Enschede, Netherlands. It invests in technology-related start-ups (in particular telecommunications, chemistry/material sciences, photonics, biosciences, robotics and new energy) that originate in the entire Southwest region of the United States and also in Northern Europe. Visit the www site Cottonwood Technology Funds Com to get more information

Sun Mountain Capital

SMC is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is a diversified private equity firm with investment strategies in both direct and fund programs involving venture capital, mezzanine debt and growth equity. Visit https://Sunmountaincapital to see Com to get more information

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