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Beepi, the leading peer-to-peer marketplace for seamlessly buying and selling cars online, announced today that it has closed a funding round for the largest syndicate in AngelList history. 86 investors from the entertainment and financial communities came together to invest $2. 7 million in the largest deal ever made through crowdfunding on AngelList.

In addition to this crowd-funded funding, four major new investors are now supporting the company, including Yuri Milner, co-founder of Digital Sky Technologies, and SAB Capital Management CEO and founder Scott Bommer. New investment totals $12 in this round $7 million

‘As a peer-to-peer marketplace, Beepi is all about people being connected. We wanted to do the same with our investor base,” said Beepi CEO and co-founder Ale Resnik. ‘AngelList is a great platform to engage with individual investors. We’re excited to enable new people to share our growth ”

‘We are excited to have supported Beepi’s unprecedented rise through Gil Penchina’s union,’ said Millie Tadewalt, AngelList Business Leader for Fundraising Products. ‘This is an excellent example of the AngelList platform that enables dozens of distributed angels to come together efficiently, invest in and support start-ups like Beepi. ”

This funding comes under the $60 million Series B round of the company from Foundation Capital and SherpaVentures.

Beepi has established itself as a disruptive force in the automotive industry, offering consumers a powerful new option that bypasses the outdated dealership model. With Beepi, consumers can buy or sell a car entirely online without the frustration of haggling or fear of overpayment. Currently, Beepi delivers cars to 140 U.S. cities and receives over 1,000 requests a week to sell cars to residents of the San Francisco Bay Area alone. Beepi will continue to expand its offerings and simplify the process for both buyers and sellers.

On the Beepi

Founded by Ale Resnik, CEO, and Owen Savir, COO, Beepi is a new way to buy or sell a great car entirely online. For too long, buying and selling a car has been a complex and even frightening process, whether due to poor dealership experience, spending too much time haggling over prices, or ending up with a vehicle that falls far short of expectations. Beepi is changing that experience by giving consumers an end-to-end experience when buying or selling a car; one that is also fast, simple, safe and fun. For more information, please visit Beepi’s Com

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