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Harrisonburg Startup Company Blue Vigil closed the $250,000 seed round, which was financed by private investors from the local community. Blue Vigil is in the process of commercializing technology for a tethered hovering observation platform. This aerial platform is designed to provide a low altitude vantage point and can carry a wide range of cameras, sensors or radio equipment. It’s mobile, lightweight and easy to deploy. Training and additional personnel are not necessary to use the platform. The tether provides the power supply, allowing the platform to stay up for virtually unlimited time.

The start-up was developed through an innovative economic development program managed by InnovateTech Ventures, based in Herndon. Working in partnership with Mary Lou Bourne, Executive Director of the Office of Technology Innovation and Economic Development at James Madison University and a small group of private investors in Harrisonburg, InnovateTech identified the technology along with this promising start-up. They hired an experienced entrepreneur, Todd Stave, to run Blue Vigil.

‘Blue Vigil will offer a powerful observation and communication platform to law enforcement officials, first responders, event organizers and others,’ said CEO Todd Stave. ‘The support from the investment community of Harrisonburg and James Madison University enables us to quickly bring this valuable technology to the market. ”

Blue Vigil has committed to keeping at least fifty percent of its work in Harrisonburg for the next three years. James Madison University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Blue Vigil to provide space as well as access to internships and research and development capabilities. Blue Vigil has hired a JMU instructor to lead the development of the prototype of the product. James Madison University President Jonathan Alger said, ‘Bringing people together to set up local technology companies is a great example of how JMU engages with the community. ”

Well, according to Dr. Yvonne Harris, JMU Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship, ‘The launch of Blue Vigil through the collaboration of JMU, InnovateTech and Harrisonburg private investors is a private-public partnership that enables the commercialization of disruptive technology in a manner that promotes regional economic development goals. JMU plans to continue working with these partners to develop more start-ups using this model. ”

On InnovateTech Ventures:

Based in Herndon, Virginia, InnovateTech Ventures is a venture company that builds technology startups based on university-licensed innovations. InnovateTech operates the Economic Development Venture Creation (EDVC) program, which brings together university technology, experienced entrepreneurs and funding to create high-potential university spin-off companies that support local economic development. Additional information can be found at www Innovatetechnology Come on,

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