Based in Japan and India. Has led to 1 successful fundraise in Japan. Been working the space of Venture Capital and Private Equity for the last 3 years.

Bright com the Internet’s fastest growing employment website and the only job destination that leverages data science to connect job seekers with best-fit employment opportunities today announced the close of its 14 million Series B funding round The site which over 6 million job seekers visit each month has grown to the fourth largest job destination online in under two years

Toba Capital a new investor led the funding round along with several existing investors including John Burbank of Passport Capital

Series B investment will primarily go towards powering the data science behind the Bright Score an algorithm that examines numerous features from a company’s hiring trends to skills on a resume in order to connect candidates with the right jobs Additionally Bright plans to add to their current team of 51 people by putting their own technology to work hiring across their sales marketing and engineering departments

Data science has already made tremendous strides in aiding our country’s broken hiring process and Bright com is building on this momentum remarked Steve Goodman CEO of Bright com With this investment we will focus our efforts on making data science an even more refined solution for job seekers recruiters and employers enabling America’s great companies to find their best employees faster ‘

Data science is transforming the hiring process and Bright com is leading the way noted Vinny Smith Founder of Toba Capital With this investment we look forward to further enhancing Bright’s platform which has already changed the way companies like Chase Nike and Amazon connect with job seekers ‘

To date Bright com has listed over 30 million jobs and continues to add over 20,000 new job seekers every day

About Bright com

Finding the right job should be easier than splitting an atom Steeped in data science Bright com eliminates the noise in the hiring process by efficiently connecting job seekers to their best opportunities and employers to their top prospects Bright’s machine-learning algorithm the Bright Score examines thousands of data points to find the best fit between job seekers and job openings For more information please visit http://www bright com/ and follow us on Twitter @brightjobs

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