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The internet is often lauded for the potential to increase the impact of a range of primary services in emerging markets, including education, commerce, banking and healthcare. While many of those platforms are now being built, a few are finding that a hybrid approach combining online and offline is advantageous.That’s exactly what Jio Health, a healthcare startup is bringing to consumers in Southeast Asia, starting in Vietnam. 

The company started as a U.S.-based venture that worked with healthcare providers around the “Obamacare” initiative, before sensing the opportunity overseas and relocating to Vietnam, the Southeast Asian market of 95 million people and a fast-growing young population. Today, it operates an online healthcare app and a physical facility in Saigon; it also has licenses for prescriptions and over the counter drug sales. The service launched nearly a year ago; already the company has some 130 staff, including 70 caregivers — including doctors — and a tech team of 30. The idea is to offer services digitally, but also provide a physical location for when it is needed. Therein, the company ensures that “every element of that journey” is controlled and of the required standard; that’s in contrast to services that partner with hospitals or other care centers. 

The scope of Jio Health’s services range from pediatrics to primary care, chronic disease management and ancillary services, which will soon cover areas like eye care, dermatology and cancer. 

Doctors typically “have minutes per patient” and get through “hundreds” of consultations in every morning shift. That gave Jio Health an idea to make things more efficient. They can probably address north of 80 percent of consumers’ health needs, but they also have referral partnerships with certain hospitals.”

The process begins when a consumer downloads the Jio Health app and inputs primary information. A representative is then dispatched to visit the consumer in person, potentially within “hours” of the submission of information.

Jio Health Mobile Interface
Jio Health Mobile Interface

Jio Health App

The Jio Health  app is very  simple and easy  to use. The  interface  functions in a  way similar to  Uber or Grab.  After you’ve  downloaded it,  create your free  profile and click  on the home visit  icon.  The next step is  to choose which  kind of treatment  you are seeking.

They offer services like pediatrics, annual health check-ups, general care, kidney care, diabetes care, and cardiology. Once you’ve chosen the type of treatment you’re seeking, you’ll choose a time and place before you’re directed to a list of relevant doctor profiles. Each profile includes the doctor’s qualifications and background, a photo, their specialty, and the languages they speak. After you select your doctor they will get a notification on their app immediately. Then you just wait for them to arrive.

Jio Health - Medtech startup revolutionizing local industry in Vietnam
Jio Health – Medtech startup revolutionizing local industry in Vietnam

Remote Health Consultation

Jio Health can save its users money and time by using remote consultancy for many diagnoses.  Telemedicine allows patients to connect with Jio care providers via secure voice and video chat. Its available 24/7 on Jio Health app.

Home Visit

After getting sufficient information about the patient’s condition, they will know what they need to bring. If a blood test is required, the process is a little bit different. The most important thing to note is they will give the test on site. Jio patients are never required to go anywhere outside of their homes in search of treatment. After the nurse has performed the test, they will take the blood sample to Jio Health’s lab for testing. Within 24 hours the final results will be delivered to your door, and your doctor will initiate a follow-up over the phone or through video chat.

Medical Tech is one of the hottest sectors for investments in the current COVID-19 scenario
Medical Tech is one of the hottest sectors for investments in the current COVID-19 scenario

Insurance Coverage

The company also works with health insurance companies for areas like annual checkups, and a number of global corporations offer Jio Health among the provider options for their staff; but they’re not exclusive. Jio Health is partnering with the following major insurance partners to provide all patients with the best cost-effective healthcare: 

  • PTI Insurance
  • BAO LONG Insurance
  • BIC
  • Liberty Insurance
  • Bao Hiem Hung Vuong
  • Pacific Cross
  • Baoviet Tokio Marine
  • Fubon Life
  • PG Insurance

Future  Execution Plans

Jio Health announced that it has closed a $5 million Series A funding from Southeast Asia’s Monk’s Hill Ventures . The company plans to use the capital for expansion. In particular, the company is adding new care categories — including eye care and dermatology — and it is working toward expanding its brand through marketing. 

Further down the line, the company hopes to expand to Hanoi before the end of this year. While there is interest in moving into other markets within Southeast Asia, that isn’t about to happen soon. They have begun to investigate other markets, but at this point feel the market in Vietnam is substantial in itself. It’s very plausible that they would be looking at international expansion plans in 2020… they’re going to be focused on Southeast Asia.

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