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AquaGuidance secured $3 million early-stage funding from Blue Planet Group Ltd (BPG) for a breakthrough gravity-fed water filtration media capable of removing live viruses from pre-filtered drinking water. Blue Planet Group is a multinational, vertically integrated private equity company focused on advanced, proprietary specialty cleaning technologies for the food, beverage and water industries. The funding round will support market growth for AquaGuidance’s Gravity-Feed Prototype Filtration System, designed to remove harmful live viruses, bacteria and cysts, produce safe drinking water without chemicals, or rely on power or pressure.

AquaGuidance filtration media (multiple patents pending) is the first known gravity-fed filter technology to pass the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) P231 test protocol1 for virus removal without the use of chemicals, power or pressure. The Protocol sets out tough, tough standards for the removal of pathogens in a variety of water streams, including those with high levels of organic acids. The only systems currently able to pass P231 operate under pressurized plumbing or require electricity and/or the use of chemicals. AquaGuidance’s technology will enable manufacturers of single-gravity ceramic and hollow fiber membrane filters in common use to upgrade their systems to effectively remove live viruses.

The AquaGuidance prototype has undergone rigorous independent testing to meet the investment criteria of the Blue Planet Group for innovation, efficacy, social impact and environmentally responsible technologies. Testing was carried out by MSR Global Health, an independent research and testing division of Cascade Designs, Inc. , under the direction of Tim Oriard, Senior Investigator at Cascade Designs, Inc.

“Blue Planet Group investors are focusing on financing critical innovations in water, beverage and food safety filtration technologies and have invested more than $20 million in this sector to date,” said David Sherwin, CEO of Blue Planet Group. “This additional $3 million investment underscores the investor’s commitment and confidence in AquaGuidance’s breakthrough gravity-fed filtration media. “That’s right.

“Over two billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. We now have the ability to help key industry players deliver more comprehensive, better-performing microbiological solutions to those most in need, whether for daily use or in disaster preparedness and recovery,” said Duane Dunk, Managing Director of AquaGuidance. “The commitment of the Blue Planet Group provides essential funding to bring our technology to an eager marketplace. “That’s right.

With more than 60 million households worldwide currently using ceramic water filtration systems that could easily adapt to AquaGuidance technology, the company’s leadership focuses on meeting the needs of ceramic or hollow fiber membrane filter manufacturers serving residential and commercial customers, as well as the municipal, NGO and critical infrastructure-providing a disaster prepared marketplace.

AquaGuidance, Inc.

AquaGuide, Inc. , is a Florida-based, profit-driven company specializing in water filtration solutions for residential and commercial drinking water applications where water quality is poor. AquaGuidance’s core filtration media technology can claim the highest certified capacity of combined lead, mercury, chloramine, chlorine, taste and odor reduction filtration on the market. AquaGuidance has developed the world’s first gravity-fed water filtration technology (patents pending) capable of removing harmful live viruses, bacteria and cysts to full P231 requirements without the use of chemicals, power or pressure, while preserving beneficial elements such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Further testing is needed to quantify additional capacity to reduce heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and pesticides The company is headed by Managing Director Duane Dunk, a recognized expert in safe drinking water and emerging markets. Visit http://aquaguidance for more information. Come on,

Blue Planet Group, Ltd.

Blue Planet Group, Ltd, is a multinational, vertically integrated company focused on advanced proprietary specialty filtration technologies for the food, beverage and water industries. The Blue Planet Group and its subsidiary companies have developed specialized adsorbent media which, when combined with industry-standard commonly used materials, can be tailored to remove harmful contaminants from drinking water for a variety of uses. Advanced technologies have a potentially significant impact on human and environmental health. Visit http://blueplanet for more information Worldwide

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