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Arcadia Power, a nationwide company for clean energy, today announced $3. $5 million in funding led by BoxGroup and Wonder Ventures to provide clean energy options and services directly to utility customers.

Arcadia’s direct-to-consumer software platform enables customers across 450+ utilities-in all 50 states-to better manage their home energy use. Customers link their utility account to Arcadia, which tracks and automatically matches the use of renewable energy certificates from wind farms, certifying a clean power footprint. New customers are automatically enrolled in the free 50% Wind Energy option and may choose to upgrade to 100% or participate in other programs such as Community Solar and LED financing.

‘For almost 100 years, utilities have provided consumers with few choices or options,’ said Kiran Bhatraju, co-founder and CEO of Arcadia Power. ‘We want to empower customers to take control of their energy use at home. ”

The Arcadia platform provides a cleaner, better home energy experience. The company offers automatic credit card payments, a custom dashboard to track usage and impact, and rewards to partner companies. That’s $3 A capital increase of 5 million will also allow Arcadia to expand its consumer energy options to include community solar and on-bill financing of energy-efficient products such as smart thermostats and LED lighting, which can save customers 10-30% of their annual energy costs.

Almost 10,000 customers have already chosen Arcadia’s premium offering, corresponding to 100% of the customer’s usage, for only 1 customers. Five cents per kilowatt-hour The company has launched its free 50% Wind option so that people who want to reduce their carbon footprint can do so regardless of their level of income.

‘More than 140 million US households pay electricity bills every month, and we want to enable anyone who believes in the future of clean energy to act on it,’ said Ryan Nesbitt, co-founder and President of Arcadia. ‘Customers can start using cleaner energy free of charge, so it really isn’t a brainer. ”

Arcadia has a network of sustainable partner organisations, including the Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), DailyKos, Demand Progress and others. ‘With Arcadia’s national availability, our members are able to take direct action to help support the future of clean energy, and we love that,’ says Maggie Bruns, LCV Member Program Director.

About the power of Arcadia
Arcadia Power is a nationwide renewable energy company founded with one simple mission in mind: to make our world a better place by changing how we power our homes and businesses. Arcadia was founded in 2014 and has grown rapidly to more than 10,000+ customers across all 50 states, helping its customers to use more than 800,000,000 clean kilowatt-hours of power to date. The company is located in Washington, D. Uh, C And is a B-Corp Certified Visit www for more information Arcadia-power Come on,

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