Based in Japan and India. Has led to 1 successful fundraise in Japan. Been working the space of Venture Capital and Private Equity for the last 3 years.

The round is attended by OCA Ventures (co-leader), Stage Venture Partners (co-leader), Jump Capital, Cultivation Capital, SaaS Ventures, TIA Ventures and Sandalphon Capital. This funding round will be used to increase the sales and marketing capabilities of the organization, expand the headcount and make major investments in the application of A I’m here. Help sales teams make their sales messages more efficient

In January 2017, CEO Marc Bernstein, COO Chris Kontes, and CTO Davidson Girard founded Balto to address the multibillion dollar need to optimize revenue opportunities and eliminate costly sales call errors. Since its inception, Balto has conducted nearly 10 million phone calls and has consistently doubled its customer base every five months.

Balto uses artificial intelligence to analyze both sides of the conversation and instantly deliver critical information to sales representatives before losing valuable sales calls. Balto is fully customizable and is the only call guidance software solution that can provide feedback in real time without any transcripts or call recordings. Balto has attracted customers across all industries, from 2-person sales teams to fast-growing publicly traded financial services, healthcare, home improvement, pharmaceuticals, utilities, retail, insurance, collection and enterprise technology companies.

“We’re thrilled to be leading the second round in Balto Software just 13 months after our first round,” says Alex Rubalcava of Stage Venture Partners. “Balto has built a world-leading real-time call guidance product that brings unprecedented AI-powered coaching to every agent in the call center floor. Balto also empowers sales managers with speech analytics and live data so that they know, for the first time, how well their teams are selling at the moment. “That’s right.

“This is the A I’m here. It is powerful, the rep coaching is effective and the results are measurable. Balto has built a category-leading product and developed sales and marketing functions far ahead of typical seed companies,” says Tamim Abdul Majid of OCA Ventures.

With this latest round of funding, Balto is thrilled to continue to expand its St. The Louis-based team and serving its clients nationwide

Balto About

Balto is the #1 AI technology for real time call guidance and coaching. Balto’s software solution listens to both sides of the call and immediately delivers critical information and feedback to sales representatives before they lose valuable sales calls. Balto is fully customizable and current customers include sales teams, contact centers and customer service groups in sectors ranging from debt collection to healthcare and home improvement.

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