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CircleCI a continuous integration platform for web application developers today announced $1 M in seed funding from a leading list of investors in the cloud and agile development space including key Heroku investors and founders

Joining early Heroku investors Baseline and Harrison Metal is an impressive array of backers including Heroku founder James Lindenbaum SV Angel 500 Startups Hiten Shah from Kissmetrics Jason Seats founder of Slicehost and Eric Ries founder of The Lean Startup whose company IMVU pioneered many of the techniques that CircleCI is productizing

Increasing developer productivity is huge and like the success of Heroku before it developer love for CircleCI made investing a no-brainer said Steve Anderson founder of Baseline For such a young company CircleCI has great traction and a well-loved product Their impressive customer list shows just how big this company will be ”

CircleCI is Heroku for testing providing continuous integration and deployment for development teams This greatly increases developers productivity and the speed at which they deliver code to customers

CircleCI has significantly improved our testing infrastructure tests finish faster we can add new projects rapidly and CI happens from the get-go I’m a huge fan said Stripe founder John Collison

CircleCI is founded by Paul Biggar and Allen Rohner Paul a YCombinator alum has a PhD in computer science and previously worked at Mozilla where he experienced firsthand the problem CircleCI solves

Every time I wrote code I would have to wait hours to know for sure that it worked It killed my productivity Allen and I set out to solve that with CircleCI said Paul And that’s what we sell to our customers productivity ”

CircleCI follows a trend of building tools for developers in the cloud increasing the power of dev ops teams and allowing large and small teams to ship better software faster Other companies who have embraced this trend include GitHub and Heroku and CircleCi is following these companies into the enterprise

More details on the CircleCI blog http://blog circleci com/so-we-raised-a-bunch-of-money/

Headquartered in San Francisco CircleCI has been radically improving developer productivity since their founding in 2011 Paramount to CircleCI’s platform is its unmatched raw speed as well as its ability to automatically parallelize tests across 16 machines allowing developers to get their test results up to 30x faster than on their own servers Among their customers are Kickstarter Stripe Red Bull Zaarly GrubWithUs MongoHQ Academia edu Zencoder Storenvy inDinero HomeFinder Pathable and InternMatch For more information on CircleCI please visit https://circleci com

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