When was the last time you ordered a fascinating dish and ate it right away without sharing an aesthetic photo of your food plate on your social media accounts or got a new hair cut from a salon nearby and didn’t share the location and recommended it to your friends or followers?

In this era of Social Media, the times you have not attached your life with social media are barely few but imagine getting rewarded in the form of discounts to do all of this. LikePay makes this possible for you!

About LikePay

LikePay is a marketing company based in Japan but its marketing techniques are a bit unconventional. LikePay allows its users to post the pictures of the services they use with the appropriate hashtag to get amazing discounts.

To simplify the process the whole functionality of the app revolves around 3 steps: Search for a store, post it on social networking service (SNS or simply Social Media) and get discounts. The app allows the user to link their SNS accounts so that the images used in their social media accounts can also be displayed on the LikePay app, User can search any store on the LikePay app by searching through the posted images or the map.

To redeem the discounts the users have to add the hashtags specified by the shops and then the number of likes they get determines the discount they will be getting in the app. The whole process ensures that the shops registered with LikePay are  promoted and at the same time the customers get rewarded too.

The clients, in this case the shops have to pay to join the platform and reward their customers with discounts. In return, the clients get promoted on social media by the platform for free as the users are now their advertising agents.With this market model, LikePay creates a fusion of Customer loyalty program and social media marketing, allowing people to explore the best of both the worlds.

LikePay App

The Idea

The idea behind LikePay is to promote products and services by the people who use it rather than third party promoters. This ensures people get unbiased opinions about products and services. LikePay enables an easy way to share what people like and where they liked the product. True to its name, if a user likes it and is willing to pay for it, the person should share the idea of the service with people so that quality service is promoted.

LikePay Working


In one of the blog posts by the company, when conducting a survey about questions such as “What media do you look for when searching for shops such as cafes and beauty salons?” Most of the responses read “Search on Instagram”. Also, a generation of users who generally opt for products and services recommended by their friends and followers LikePay channelizes the whole process into a great value based marketing model.

Japan Social Media

In the days to come LikePay surely has a great way to go, with the growing numbers of Japan’s Social Networking Services usage one can easily say it won’t be difficult for LikePay to expand its customer base. Also, the company’s further expansion to, which is an IT studio focused on design and development for web and mobile solutions, LikePay academy which teaches people about web and mobile development with an interesting “No Code” approach, and LikePay Shop, shows the company’s diversifying nature and its willingness to explore different domains.

LikePay surely takes the “empathetic” approach to the prevailing problems and makes the best effort to only provide the best service to its customers.

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