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Where Medtech startups generally operate in the domains such as home delivery of medicines, online consultation by doctors, or even online full-fledged treatment for any severe ailments,  Mosia, is surely a game-changer in the MedTech startup land of Vietnam. A startup founded in the year 2019, Mosia is intended to bring light on one of the most important topic, “Mental health”. An important topic that often goes less discussed in the communities of the country.

Mosia to the rescue

In this fast paced life, people often tend to have loads of stress and anxiety buried within them but have little knowledge about how to channelize their thoughts into something positive or to even seek assistance for their discomfort. Eventually, in doing so the society has a good amount of people suffering through pain that is deep within them but from the outside, everything just seems perfectly fine. Stress is causing mental illness to Vietnam’s 15% population of its 95 million people. This is one of the biggest problems that Mosia is setting itself to solve.

Mosia aims to deliver an online platform to its customer where the users will be provided with emotional support and counseling by professionals. People can share their experiences and can also learn from other people who have shared their experiences. It aims to create a community that fosters mental wellness and celebrates people by appreciating who they are and believes that they can help benefit the community.

And how?

Mosia has a unique way of tackling loneliness and mental depression through blogging. If you are a part of Mosia’s community you can share blog posts about a particular thing that has been bothering you and in return, you have a community of other fellow readers who can either guide you to help solve the problem or can just be there with you to make you believe that you are not alone. People often underestimate the importance of having a community that aims to solve and support the issues one can relate to.

In addition to this Mosia also has chat and voice/video call features for seeking assistance from either users or from their experienced professionals. Mosia’s unique feature of letting its users express themselves and making them feel heard is a very empathetic approach towards solving the issues that Mosia has in store for itself.

How Mosia helps it's users

Making impact one step at a time

A survey by the World Health Organization in the year of 2014 suggests that Vietnam has 0.91 psychiatrists available per 100,000 people. This showcases the gap which Mosia can considerably fill by aiming to build a community that is well aware of various mental health disorders. 

Like other developing nations, Vietnam also has a stigma over talking about mental illnesses.  This shows that Mosia has the potentials in changing the shape of mental wellness in the country and developing a community that stands for causes related to these important topics. Mosia is unique and clear with its idea, as the website reads – Express yourself, We are better together!





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