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B2B startup is also known as enterprise startup. Unlike any usual startups, the customers of this startup are another business itself. B2B payment required innovation. Unlike before, the modern business has been trying to let go the traditional ways of business to adapt, but now the modern firms are looking for modern ways of the payments. This step has paved way for new B2B payment startups. The following is the list of the top emerging B2B payments start-ups in Singapore. This list is based on ranking the startups based on the year of operation, funding raised, and team size.


Bluzelle founders
Pavel Bains and Neeraj Murarka

Bluzelle provides various services such as E-wallet, Decentralised database, BLZ tokens and similar services. It was incorporated in 2014 by Pavel Bains who is also a co-founder of Storypanda and Neeraj Murarka who has an experience of over 20 years with Tech-Giants such as Google, IBM, HP, etc.
nvestor(s): 8 Decimal Capital, AI Catapult(Jd.com), Global Brain, Hashed (Accelerator), KR1, LUN Partners Group and 5 others


Chynge Team
Chynge Team

It is a digital payments app incorporated in 2015 by Joe Tusin.
Fund Raised: US$ 352.9 K
Investor(s): Comet (an incubator launched by Paris & Co.), FinLab Accelerator, and NTUitive.



It is Singapore’s one of the leading E-procurement website and E-Commerce marketplace.  Since its inception in 1999, Sesami has been able to build a great customer portfolio including SingTel, Singapore Airline, SATS, Singapore Refining Company, ST Electronics, SembCorp Utilities, SBSTransit, OCBC Bank, etc. In 2019, Sesami raised an invoice of nearly US$ 2.35 B.
Investor:  ApexPeak



It is a B2B payments app start-up that provides E-wallet services.
Investor: NGC Ventures  

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