Bulk Homme raises funding

What is Bulk Homme?

Bulk Homme is a Japanese skincare brand, providing premium products to men of all lifestyles. Bulk Homme strives to help men cultivate and maintain healthy skin. Celebrating effective, back-to-basics skincare, every product features seven specially formulated natural ingredients that hydrate and protect the skin. The company’s lineup is constantly evolving, ensuring that each product maintains highest quality possible.

Recent fund raise details

The company secured 1.5 billion yen (about $14.1 million USD) in the latest round. Participating investors are 

  1. Nissay Capital, local department store chain Marui Group 
  2. Dimension (investment arm of Japanese consulting firm Dreram Incubator)
  3. Kiraboshi Capital 

The amount raised includes debt financing from the Japan Finance Corporation and other financial institutions.

What will they use the funding for?

Bulk Homme said it will use the funds for the following purposes –

Further strengthen its domestic marketing efforts

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, lifestyle changes such as “introduction of new lifestyle” and “increased home time” will shift shopping from real stores to online. The number of consumers is increasing. Therefore, in order to acquire new customers, they will further strengthen marketing measures such as TV commercials and digital advertising.

Strengthen its CRM department 

The company will strengthen the adoption and expand the scale of the CRM department. This will prevent delays in product shipments due to a rapid increase in sales and inquiries from call centers and emails.

Promote global expansion

Currently, they are expanding to the United Kingdom and France, including Asia. In the future, they will further promote global expansion in Asian countries, Southeast Asia, European countries, and the United States.

Past Funding

The company raised 4.7 million USD from Nissay Capital on December 10, 2018 to strengthen promotions. 

In November, 2017 the company raised 2.8 million USD of angel funding through a combination of debt and equity. An undisclosed amount of venture funding was funded by Yusuke Sato, Yasuyoshi Yanagisawa, Ayaro Nakagawa, Kazuma Leiri and Satoshi Yamazaki. 

What all other startups has this VC invested in?

Nissay Capital is an investor in the following startups –

  • ITD Lab
  • Fabric Tokyo
  • Innovation Next

Other personal care startups in Japan

  • DHC
  • Mandom
  • Men’s Biore by Kao corporation
  • Maapilim 

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