Vezeeta leads funding in MENA
Founded in 2012, initially as an ambulance service, Vezeeta now dominates the digital health care booking space.

This platform, which was the first of its kind in the MENA, allows patients to search, book, rate, and review healthcare providers.  It continues to pioneer innovations aimed at making healthcare more accessible through automating doctor, clinic, and hospital bookings. The platform operates in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and recently Nigeria and Kenya. 4 million bookings are made through the platform annually as of 2019 with 12 000 registered doctors and 7000 professors and consultants, across over 30 specialities.

Vezeeta announced the closing of its 40 million series D closing round, led by Saudi Technology Ventures and Gulf Capital bringing the start-ups total funding to $63.3 million. Its recent funding round is the largest raised to date by any start up in the Middle East and in Africa. The funds raised are set to go towards an online pharmacy and the creation of a tele-health system to be launched beyond the MENA region.

This expansion of the start-ups product portfolio will only serve to solidify its dominance as an industry leader, as its innovations fill gaps and respond to issues no other start-up in the eco-system can provide. “We are not afraid to make changes when needed and operate on a fully-scalable model that has helped us to build an agile structure that allows us to continually advance our technologies” said Amir Barsoum, founder and CEO of Vezeeta.

The expansion into East Africa could not have occurred at a better time, as COVID virus continues to spread in the region. Although to date, the platform is only available in Nairobi and Lagos, the accessibility to health care services it provides has aided in the fight against the spread of the virus in these cities.

Vezeeta continues to lead with largest funding round ever raised by a start-up in MENA

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